Welcome to Ayniyah’s World.  I am Ayniyah A.M.- a 10 year old gamer girl located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL who has created Team Guava Girl for a safe way to meet other gamers, socialize, participate in challenges, learn, gain self esteem, and have a fantastic time doing it. Shop for my products in the Shop- Guava Girl 07 T-shirt line will be in major retailers Spring of 2018. All logo’s and merchandise creations are personally designed and created by ME !

P.S. Portions of proceeds are donated to charity <3

What We Do

Benefits of joining Ayniyah's World


Ayniyah's World members will meet new online friend's who have the same interest as you do. Our SAFE, parent-monitored chat and friend system allows for all members to connect. We learn, play and have fun together.


Ayniyah's World members will have full access to our learning base and private videos as well as allow one another to submit videos to share to other members. Check out our "Self" Department, where our members are provided with "Life Enrichment" videos and articles on self esteem, bullying, and other awesome topics to enrich your brain with very well needed topics in life.


We DO have fun! Our members have access to our challenges, perks, pranks and more. Our members receive private invites to local and online events and get togethers.






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